Email Communication

Subject:  Bridge Railings

From:  vtaylor <>

Date:  Tue, 24 Oct 2000 09:57:19 -0700

To:  Shirley Dettloff, Chris Desser

CC:  Steve Scholl <>,

Dear Chris and Shirley,

I received a copy of a letter from the Wyoming Department of Transportation to the Coastal Commission.  The letter confirmed that the Wyoming Railing was designed to meet the AASHTO Load and Resistance Design (LRFD) Specifications.  If you have not received a copy of the letter, please request Peter to send a copy to you.

The letter authoritatively refutes Caltrans contention that the Wyoming Rail did not meet the LRFD standards.  The Wyoming Rail is completely acceptable as a traffic barrier without modification.

I will be giving each of you a phone call to find out what happened in your last meeting with Caltrans.  If you were available at some time on this coming Friday, I could call you then.  Otherwise, please suggest a good time to call and I will try to arrange to call at that time. Perhaps we could arrange a conference call.  I'm here most of today, Tuesday, if you'd like to call me.  My number is 707 937-3001.

At the time we talk, I'd like to be able to discuss with each of you the best way to proceed to get Caltrans to use the Wyoming railing as the basis for creating a family of railings that could be used in different situations:  1) as a pure traffic barrier, 2) as a combination traffic and pedestrian railing, and 3) as part of a two-rail system, where the Wyoming rail is used as a traffic barrier on the traffic side of the pedestrian walk and an outer rail provides pedestrian safety. There is no engineering or safety reason that prevents creating this family of railings so that all members are aesthetically pleasing and visually transparent.

I look forward to our conversation.