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Subject:  Request to meet with the railing subcommittee

From:  vtaylor <>

Date:  Thu, 26 Apr 2001 16:50:36 -0700

To:  Shirley Detloff, Chris Desser

CC:  Sara Wan,,, Steve Scholl <>

Dear Shirley and Chris,

A permit amendment for to the Noyo Bridge is scheduled to be heard on Friday, May 11.  I would like to combine my trip to comment on the amendment request with an opportunity to meet with the Bridge Railing subcommittee.  Would it be possible to do that a 8:00 a.m. on Friday?  I think that in half an hour I could explain a lot that would help you all to be much more informed in dealing with Caltrans on the railing issue.  The evidence I've received so far from Caltrans in response to my public records request supports my position that the modifications made by Caltrans of the Wyoming Rail have no engineering or safety justification.  
On the other hand, Mr. Morales did not accept my request to perform and independent review of the railing designs, but simply passed on the letter to be answered by the Acting Chief of the Office of State Geometric Design Standards, who did no review at all of the modified design, but simply stated that Caltrans has a right and responsibility to "work to improve the performance of transportation and safety hardware."  No one disagrees. But, clearly, unless the Commission takes a hard stand or asks for an independent review, Caltrans is not going to give it.

Time is running out for the Noyo Bridge, and the first permit step for a new bridge over Ten Mile River, north of Ft. Bragg is on the May agenda.

Please give me an opportunity to meet with you on Friday, May 11.



LWan22350@xxx wrote:


I wonder if there is a way for Vince and someone from the commission  to sit down with someone higher up at Cal Trans and explain the situation and ask  for their help in getting a better railing?  If it were put to Cal Trans that an improved railing could be good PR for them, perhaps there might be an  incentive.
 Sara Wan


[Note well that Caltrans had sent the desired railing design to the Coastal Commission on April 10, well before this email, but Chairperson Wan was not aware of this, nor was I.]]