Email Communication

Subject: Noyo Bridge Follow-up
    Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 23:20:37 -0700
   From: vtaylor <>
       To: Steve Scholl <>
      CC: Chris Desser < .> 

Dear Steve,

I got the message from your secretary.  Please confirm that this means there was no subcommittee meeting with Caltrans at the last Commission meeting.

Given Caltran's agreement to move forward rapidly on alternative rails and to let the Commission choose the new rail for the Noyo, it is critically important to get Caltrans to agree to accept an unmodified Wyoming Rail or to provide the Commission with detailed justification for its modifications.  There are multiple levels of rebuttal to their contention that the Wyoming Rail needs to be modified as they done, and I will be glad to provide the Commission with the information if its necessary.

First, though, I request that you follow up on Peter Douglas's letter of August 3, 2000 to Sleeter Dover of the Wyoming Department of Transportation.  Perhaps a call would be appropriate at this point.

Also, if Mr. Allison, Caltrans Acting Deputy Director of Engineering Services,  has not responded to your letter of August 14, 2000, please call to check on the status of his response.  Answers to the questions posed in that letter bear directly on the Commission's ability to ensure that Caltrans provides it with the best available railing alternatives.

I also remind you that you were going to write to Caltrans to correct question 3 in your letter to Mr. Allison if Caltrans did not respond to the letter at the last Commission meeting.  Caltrans did not respond.

I copied Chris Desser on this e-mail, but I do not have an e-mail address for  Shirley Dettloff.  Would you please forward the contents of this message to her, either by e-mail or regular mail.

Thank you for your continuing help.  I believe that the ultimate results, in terms of vastly better views from bridges throughout the state, inland as well as on the coast, will fully justify the effort that this is taking.


Vince Taylor

P.S:.  Is e-mail adequate for building the record, or should I send you a paper copy of this message.