Subject:  Re: Bridge Railings

From:  vtaylor <>

Date:  Fri, 27 Oct 2000 10:18:41 -0700

To:  Peter Douglas <>, Steve Scholl <>, "Christina Desser (E-mail)", "Shirley Dettloff (E-mail)", "Sara J. Wan (E-mail)"

Dear Commissioners and staff,

I received a copy of the letter to Sara from Jeff Morales.  I want to emphasize to you that to my knowledge Caltrans has still not agreed to construct railings based on un-modified Wyoming Rails.  As you now know, the Wyoming Transportation Department has now confirmed that its rail meets all current design and safety standards.

The railings Caltrans proposes to build are all almost indistinguishably ugly and opaque.  Until Caltrans agrees to present alternatives based on un-modified Wyoming Rails,  the Commission is being denied the opportunity to choose the obviously best railing.

Perhaps Caltrans did agree to build un-modified Wyoming Rails  without my knowledge, but nothing that I've received suggests that they have. I've not received a copy of any response by John Allison to Steve Scholl's requests in his letter of August 14, more than two months ago.

Peter, could you please let me know whether Caltrans has made any response to Steve's letter.  If not, it would seem appropriate for the Chair of the Commission to forward a copy of this letter (with the correction I've provided to the third point) to Mr. Morales with a request for a response.

Time is passing, and the further Caltrans gets without responding, the more time is being lost and the harder it will be to get them to provide the Commission with a truly good scenic railing.

Please don't let this opportunity slip away.


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