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Subject:  RE: Bridge Railings

From:  Peter Douglas <>

Date:  Thu, 26 Oct 2000 16:50:07 -0700

To:  "'vtaylor'" <>

CC:  Steve Scholl <>, "Christina Desser (E-mail)", "Shirley Dettloff (E-mail)", "Sara J. Wan (E-mail)"

 Vince - CalTrans is now going to prepare a visual analysis of the see-through rail projects they are now building. This will include photos, drive-by videos etc. and will be presented to the Commission probably at the Dec meeting in SF. The sub-committee was very pleased with CalTRans response including their willingness to change the Noyo bridge railings. We all acknowledged that but for you, we would not have pushed as hard as we are. Thanks for your perseverance! peterd