Letter to the Editor
Published in the Mendocino Beacon, October 1, 1998, under the title,

'Just say no'

Editor -- I am writing to urge people to say to Caltrans, “No new Noyo Bridge until you can get it right!”  We don’t need a new bridge right away, but we do need to take action right away to stop the destruction of the coastal views we all love. It is time to draw the line. Just say no! 

The proposed Noyo Bridge will put drivers in a visual corridor that hides the harbor and its entrance. Their “Visual Impact Assessment” report shows a before and after photo looking out toward the harbor entrance. People in a car will see only the sky and the concrete side of the bridge and iron railing.  Lovely. 

At the Caltrans Public Workshop on the new Noyo Bridge held in Fort Bragg, Wednesday, September 16, there were many beautiful large photos of the new bridge. The photos showing the views from the current and proposed bridges were not displayed. I found them in a closed book on one of the tables. I doubt that many people saw them.  Those to whom I showed them were horrified. 

We need to get the message across to Caltrans: We don’t want any bridge that is going to diminish our precious views!  Why doesn’t Caltrans set a goal of IMPROVING our views?

If you agree with me, please write immediately to Karen Tatman, Caltrans Project Manager, PO Box 911, Marysville, CA 95901 (fax 530 741-4390), with a copy to Senator Mike Thompson, State Capitol, Room 3056, Sacramento, CA  95814 (fax: 707 962-0934).

Vince Taylor