Recommend Changes in the proposed Greenwood Bridge

The proposed new Greenwood Bridge has two 8' shoulders, no sidewalk, and a new Caltrans railing that lacks grace and character. 

The 8' shoulders will give the bridge the appearance of a high-speed expressway, rather than a scenic bridge on a rural road.

The lack of a sidewalk will endanger local people and those using the Coastal Trail.

The proposed "ST-20" railing, while less visually opaque than the originally proposed concrete railing, lacks grace and character, and ignores the 2001 Commission request to Caltrans to design a railing incorporating curved and arched elements. The ST-20 modifies the scenic Noyo Bridge railing by adding three more horizontal rails to raise the height from 33" to 54". It is designed to be used without a sidewalk or inner protective railing.

A sidewalk with a protective rail on the inner, traffic side would be much safer. A newly designed outer pedestrian rail would be  more aesthetic and  less visually obtrusive to motorists and, especially pedestrians and bicyclists.

Caltrans also plans to build the new bridge inland from the existing bridge. The new route will require extensive cuts into hillsides bordering the road. To buttress the cut hillsides, Caltrans proposes to construct 650 feet of concrete retaining walls up to 26' in height. Building the new bridge over the old bridge in stages (Alternative 2) would eliminate the need for the concrete retaining walls. The community and commission staff support Alternative 2.

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