Public Support for Changing
the Proposed Greenwood Bridge

In September, 2005, over 200 people responded to an email alert on the Greenwood Bridge Permit by going to a web page and entering their personal information to endorse the following letter to the Coastal Commission:

Dear Commissioners:

Preserving the scenic values and the historic, rural character of coastal Highway 1 is very important to me.

I urge you to require Caltrans to amend the Greenwood Bridge replacement project to:

1. Provide a sidewalk protected by an ST-10 railing.
2. Design a new outer pedestrian rail that includes arches.
3. Narrow the shoulders from 8 feet to 4 feet.

I urge that you require Caltrans to adhere to these recommendations on all future coastal Highway 1 bridges.

I further support Alternative 2 for construction, eliminating the need for the environmentally and visually destructive retaining walls.

Thank you for your consideration.